Wednesday, April 13, 2011

MIX11 Day 2 Keynote


Day 2 here at Mandalay Bay and everyone is gearing up for today’s keynote with The Gu and Joe Belfiore.  Let’s see what kind of Windows Phone 7 announcements they have for us…

8:55 am

DJ Z-Trip is serenading us with some Led Zeppelin and Public Enemy, good stuff.

9:05 am

Joe Belfiore takes the stage to kick things off…

9:10 am

Joe is addressing the Windows Phone 7 update issues.

9:15 am

Joe is going through some of the new things coming with the Mango update coming this fall, including additional language and country support.

9:20 am

Live demo with a recent build of Mango…  The app jump list now has the same capabilities as contacts with search and alphabet shortcuts.  Podcast support from the marketplace will be available as well.  Similar to the feature currently available in the hubs, users will be able to, for example, do a web search for movies then select a “card” which could show additional information about the search as well as allowing the user to slide over to additional screens like “extras.”

9:30 am

Joe is now going over the biggest feature I’ve been waiting for…  IE9 will be the native browser with the fall Mango release.  Joe is currently demonstrating some HTML5 video and audio capabilities including playing background audio from the browser while using other apps on the phone.

9:35 am

Joe is now demonstrating the hardware acceleration capabilities blowing iPhone and Android away.

9:40 am

Ringtones!  Access to sensors, including the camera, compass, gyroscopes, etc.

9:43 am

Motion Sensor was just announced which will make it easier to work with the compass and gyroscope.

9:45 am

Multi-tasking – fast app switching, background audio, background downloads, alarms, etc.

9:47 am

May 25th – Angry Birds!

9:50 am

Demo now of Live Agents which is background app/task management balancing background functionality with battery usage.

9:52 am

The new phone tools will be available in May.

9:55 am

Scott Guthrie has just taken the stage.  Right into a demo…  The new tools will have an accelerometer available within the emulator and it looks great.  They’ll also include location options for the emulator to test location-based apps.

10 am

Scott is now demonstrating some of the new debugging features that will be available including performance logging and analysis.  The amount of detail available is insane.  You can drill down to a specific frame if need be.

10:05 am

Lots of performance improvements coming with Mango that will require no code changes.  Also, Mango will include around 1500 new APIs.

10:10 am

Local SQL with LINQ support!  Demo…  Network sockets will be available as well.  Demo…

10:15 am

Mike Roberts is now demo-ing Kik Messenger, a chat app which will be available in a few weeks.

10:20 am

Camera capabilities…  Ben Riga is demo-ing some new ways to interact with the camera on the device.

10:25 am

Silverlight and XNA will be able to exist in the same app.

10:30 am

Silverlight for the browser…  Silverlight 5 contains hundreds of new APIs.  Hardware-based video decode will be available.  Silverlight will also take advantage of IE9’s hardware acceleration.  Remote control input will be available as well.

10:35 am

Blue Angels' website demo.

10:40 am

Silverlight 5 new features demo with John Papa…  2D to 3D projection looks nice.

10:43 am

Silverlight 5 Beta and tools support is now available for download.  RTM will be available later this year.

10:45 am

Kinect – Kinect for Windows SDK will be available later this spring!  Demos….  I want that chair yo!

10:55 am

Worldwide telescope – wow!

11 am

We all get Kinects!  Sweet!

All in all today’s keynote was much better than yesterday’s, lot’s of good info.  I’m looking forward to working with some of the new phone tools.

On to the sessions…

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